10 motivational methods which will lift your legs in the morning for running


Before you read any further I need to make sure you’re reading this article because youre interested in ways to achieve any objective you have in life? – It’s commonly accepted that most people want to be happier and more effective. What most people tend to gloss over though, is that our physical condition plays such a big part in actually achieving these targets.

Look at some of the most famous people in life right down to the ordinary. Yo-yo dieting, poor fitness regime, over weight and then to top it off conditions like diabetes and heart disease have become an almost every day phrase in conversations. So it’s no secret that good fitness and health play their part in preventing or reversing these affects. Whether its walking or some form of sport this too impacts on us benefiting from a good mental condition.

But knowledge is not enough; most people know this but you need to be motivated… In essence be able to manage your emotions in such a way, so as to direct them into action that allows you to achieve it. The methods described below will help you make this happen.

1. What do you want to achieve?

Motivation is impossible without properly formulated objective. Thus, you need to know what you want to achieve. It must be written down on a sheet of paper, easy to remember and feasible from physical point of view. Instead of thinking: I want to be healthy, write: I run three times a week before breakfast for half an hour. The first one is abstract, the second one – specific and feasible because it concerns behaviours.

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2. Tell other people about it

Public engagement helps, so inform about your objective everyone who is important to you. Your family is the beginning, then let it be your friends, and subsequently – people from social media. Such a promise will remind you that you need to be true to your word and because you are a man of honour you will not back out later.

3. Why are you able to do it?

Self-confidence brings not only more money, but also better results at school and in sport. Assertive people are better motivated and it is easier for them to achieve their goals. This self-confidence is not an innate quality but a mental condition that is produced by us by certain behaviours and the way of thinking which relies on a feeling to be competent. That’s right: find three reasons why you may achieve that goal.

4. Get rid of excuses

Take a sheet of paper and write on it all excuses which you will surely want to make up. Lack of spare time, problems with health, arguments regarding bad weather, lack of willingness, etc. – no matter how you cheat, just be prepared for your weaknesses and right away get ready for what you will answer to yourself concerning a given excuse. I don’t have time? Nonsense, time is made so you can make it also for sport. I don’t feel like? Turn on motivational music, etc.

5. See the whole puzzle

Particular parts of our lives are connected with each other, often noticeably at first sight. But everything constitutes a closed system, in which one context affects the others. When you achieve better results in sport, you will benefit from the same discipline at your work and you will come closer to next results. Your sexual life will change, because when you are more self-confident and feel more attractive you will become a better lover. Think how sport will specifically change particular parts of your life.

6. Become a role model

We do more for others than for ourselves because altruism stimulates the body more to produce happiness hormones. Therefore, who may consider you as a role model, when you practise sport systematically? Could it be your child, who will not be obese thanks to you? Or your partner, who will care of himself more, as a result of which your relationship will bloom? Perhaps your workmates, who will see in you a versatile person? Think who needs you in best shape.

7. What do you want to prove?

Everyone wants to show something to the world. Maybe to prove to a lazy parent that something is possible. Maybe to show to an obese spouse that with will one can do anything. Maybe to prove to yourself that it is high time to reach next development level and to overcome any restrictions in yourself. Those who have something to prove are full of motivation, and if they have motivation, they will undertake actions.

8. What did really hold you back?

Excuses are only the top of an iceberg; each kilogram of overweight, except for the situations that refer to diseases, represents a concrete thought that we have about ourselves, e.g. „I don’t want to lose weight because I protect myself against men” or „If I start practising sport in a disciplined way, I would not be able to pretend anymore that I like my job, although the truth is that I would happily quit it”. Therefore, ask yourself a question what really stopped you and confront yourself with the demons hiding under false pretences of laziness, lack of time or willingness.

9. Use your imagination and ears

The researches proved that using the imagination and music stimulates our willingness to train and improves the training quality. So imagine in as many details as possible how you practise sport: with whom, where, how exactly you do it, what time, how you look, how good you feel, etc. Additionally, turn on motivational music – music which will make your body move.

10. Find support

A good trainer will work out your training plan; you may run with friends, whereas a sporting weekend with family will certainly bring you closer. It is better in a group, there is better motivation in a group and you may exchange experiences in a group as well as reach targets together. Surround yourself with people who are ambitious and will support you, emotionally or substantially, in achieving your sports objectives.


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